the Artists

How do you like your holiday songs? It's really amazing how eclectic holiday songs can be! From the welcoming notes of David Roth's "Little Christmas Song," past the absurdity of Uncle Bonsai's "Seasonal Work," through the haunting "Light the Lamp" by Emily Kurn, and the "soon to be standard" "Last Night of the Year" from Tom Wopat, there's something for everyone on this disc. Take a look!

The Artists

David Roth, Uncle Bonsai, Shelby & Tieg
Little Christmas Song, Seasonal Work, Mistletoe

Chicago native David Roth lives on Cape Cod and loves music, sports, animals, movies, family, and vegetarian gluten free food when at home and on tour.
Uncle Bonsai, a trio from Seattle, sings songs for grownups and their kids. Not ALL their kids, mostly the smart ones.
Shelby and Tieg - they "sound like happiness."

Honor Finnegan, David Roche, Spottiswoode & His Enemies
Snow Day, No Room at the Inn, Chelsea Boys

This will soon be a sentence about Honor Finnegan, and/or her ukulele...can't wait to read all about her!
David Roche collaborated with Alex McDonald (aka Paranoid Larry) for this song sung from the point of view of the desk clerk at the Inn in Bethlehem.
Spottiswoode & His Enemies are an Independent Music Award winning New York rock septet fronted by a heroically unpopular Englishman.
Emily Kurn, Craig Werth, Bernice Lewis
Light the Lamp (A Song for Hanukkah), These Ornaments, Ho Ho Ho

Emily Kurn is a writer, musician and poet and is busy raising one four year-old son and three backyard hens.
Craig Werth’s middle name is Edgar. The anagram for all three of his names is “regard with grace.” He’s on a mission to do just that.
National touring artist Bernice Lewis has had a forty-year daily yoga practice, loves good coffee, and her religion is the Grand Canyon.
Tom Paxton, John Margolis, Amy Speace
My Christmas Guitar, Grand Central Station Stars, I Want An Old Fashioned Christmas

What can we say about Tom Paxton that hasn't been said before? We'll see.
John Margolis: "Why can't everybody win the game? I feel sad for losers. Could I give them all a cupcake?
If you want to find out about Amy Speace, you'll have to click on her name.
Tom Wopat, Field & Franz, Don White
The Last Night of the Year, Ó Bento Airoso (Portuguese Christmas Song), Don White's Advice/Christmas Memories

A legend? A giant among men? Tom Wopat needs a very special sentence here!
The duo of Hilary Field & Gwen Franz, Field & Franz, meld the rich tonal beauty of classical guitar, viola, and violin.
Don White lives in Lynn, Massachusetts. He writes songs, tells stories and is uncomfortable writing blurbs about himself.
Cludia Russell & Bruce Kaplan, Lou & Peter Berryman, Ilene Weiss
Pass the Fruitcake, New New Year Year, Tree

You want more about Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan? Check back here tomorrow!
Lou and Peter Berryman, married for a few years in the '60s, don't pretend to be good musicians but do pretend to have fun trying.
As of this sentence's writing, according to Worldometers, Ilene Weiss is one in approximately seven billion.

Christine Lavin, Electric Bonsai Band, Just One Angel - Volume One
Christmas 1899, Just One Angel, About the Tour

Christine Lavin Christine Lavin is working on her 21st solo album and performs concerts far and wide. This is her 9th compilation, this one co-produced with Andrew Ratshin of Uncle Bonsai.
Electric Bonsai Band is neither electric nor a band . . . it's just Andrew Ratshin and a guitar. (No guitar here, though!)
Here's where you can read about the Just One Angel "Holidays On Thin Ice" Tour!